The Temple Explanations

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2 min readMar 30, 2022

Magical island in the WeiWey universe created by the gods to connect the inhabitants of the floating island with them through its core into which the inhabitants carry everything they have in order to find the indulgence of the Gods. There are legends that by appeasing the gods with amethyst gold, which is a local payment method on the flying islands of WeiWey, the gods can bring special extraterrestrial gifts to their liked inhabitants.

What is the temple

The temple is a bridge between off-chain and on-chain, which allows you to convert the NRG (off-chain game reward token) earned in the game into $ACR (reward token with limited emission) by staking NRG for a certain period, then completely burning the NRG and paying out $ACR.

How the temple works

By clicking on the island with the temple, the user will see the interface of the temple, where he can invest the selected amount of NRG in staking and get a share in the pool, calculated according to the special formula described at the end of the article. The user will receive a reward in $ACR tokens every conditional tick, the reward can change dynamically depending on the share of other participants in the pool of the temple. The temple reward pool will be static every day and will decrease with each new vote of $WEI token holders, which will control the flow of the $ACR token into the market, reducing the rate of influx, but without the ability to fully close or re-increase it.

Utility of temple mechanic

First of all, such mechanics makes it possible to predict the market and inflation, which in turn is a fertile ground for investment in the project.

Additional mechanics such as “burning NRG after the end of the staking period in the temple”, as well as “one contribution to the temple for 7 days without the ability to add tokens” and “paid entry into the game for $ACR tokens that are exchanged for NRG” give us confidence in that it is a medium-term investment with a good payback, protection against sharp drains and a predictable economic model.

Formulas for reward calculation

Determining the amount of $ACR distributed per tick

a / t = l

A — temple day pool $ACR
T — number of ticks per day

At the time of launching, the relevant values ​​are A = 100,000 $ACR, T = 86,400

The user’s reward per tick is determined by the formula:

( s * 100 / p ) / 100 * l = n

S (NRG) — user contribution
P (NRG) — the amount of active investments in the temple
L ($ACR) — the amount distributed in the temple per tick
N ($ACR) — user reward per tick



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