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WeiWey Play-to-Earn
3 min readMar 26, 2022 — is an online farm in the GameFi segment or just a Play-to-Earn game. Buy land and start growing and processing various types of plants and foods to earn NRG coin, which can be exchanged for a token on the $ACR chain inside the temple. You earn the $ACR token and use it at your discretion, but you need to know that the token has a limited issue and several burning mechanics, which suggests that its value will grow over time.

What is NFT?

NFT is a digital cast or as you are used to hearing a non-interchangeable token, which is an embodiment or a copy of a unique object, among which may be: videos, music, animations, photographs, paintings and more. It is usually an art object and is of no practical use to the owner.

What is the new type of NFT in WeiWey?

WeiWey uses an advanced type of NFT that is related to the overall game economy. This means that any NFT item in the game will have practical use in it, unlike ordinary NFT games in which items are only decorative or have few benefits and basically do not affect the income inside the P2E game.

What is the benefit of your NFTs?

We use NFT in an advanced Play-to-Earn game model. With the help of NFT, you will receive various resources and sell or recycle them in order to eventually earn the NRG off-chain currency inside the game, which allows you to turn it into on-chain $ACR through the temple.

What exactly is the advantage of NFT in WeiWey?

In the question of the advantages of our NFTs, it is worth highlighting their types to begin with. The building allows you to keep and breed animals, the machine allows you to produce basic processing of products, animals produce products for sale or processing, trees and bushes bear fruit from time to time.

Why will an NFT pig that can be bred cost more?

There are several points in our economic model that literally make all NFTs become more expensive over time * market demand. Let’s explain this to you in a few theses:

— To get a new pig you need (NFT: Pigsty, male pig, female pig, breeding potion).

— To get the reproduction potion, you need to pay a static amount of $ACR (which will also be burned).

— To grow a pig into an individual ready to work and produce resources, you need to buy a growth potion for $ACR (which will also be burned).

Why do I need a pig if it’s so expensive and difficult?

A limited amount of land will force all players to upgrade farms endlessly in order to achieve the highest efficiency in them per cell, since the reward in temples is always a static amount of $ACR per day, but you must increase your number of NRG in order not to lose a share in the temple pool. All of this will be one of the magnets for the $ACR price and all the existing production and auxiliary NFTs.

This means that you can not just buy and process products made from pigs, but also specifically breed pigs for the purpose of their further resale, because the demand for animals will grow for a long time until a person has a place on his land to settle this very pig.

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WeiWey Play-to-Earn

WeiWey is a Play-to-Earn online farm based on mechanics of production resources and their subsequent regulation to build profitable chains recycling.