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There are many paths to progress for any player style

Beginner’s path

This development option is just an example, in the world of Wei there are many different opportunities and ways to develop a farm.

Using the absolute minimum initial investment, each user can start their journey in the world of Wei

The basic element for starting the gameplay is the presence of an NFT game land, you can get it by mint, or by buying it on the NFT marketplace

The game land serves as a platform for your future farm, allowing you to place buildings, animals, plants and machines for processing in-game items

The first steps in the development of the farm with this approach will be the cultivation of plant seeds, followed by harvesting and selling it in the in-game store to increase the volume of seed purchases in each next cycle

To buy his first seed — the player needs to get the first NRG to trade in the in-game store

To purchase NRG, the player needs the $ACR token, which can be obtained using DEX or CEX

As soon as we have $ACR in stock, we can exchange it for the game currency NRG in WeiWey’s personal account

Now we have NRG and an understanding of where to start — it’s time to sow, harvest and increase our stocks of NRG

Once we have raised enough NRG capital, we are ready to expand our process chains and increase the bottom line, one of the possible ways to do this is to acquire production machines, so let’s get started

We go to the exchange, buy the necessary equipment, for example, a juicer and return to our farm

Now we are ready to organize a full-fledged recycling cycle!

For example: we buy pumpkin seeds, grow them, collect the fruits and send them to the juicer to get pumpkin juice

At this moment, we clearly notice the increase in the profitability of our farm, because the juice is much more expensive than a simple pumpkin

Congratulations, now we have reached a new level of farm profitability!

From now on, we can consider ourselves a full-fledged agrarian and move on to the next development path

Path of the farmer

This development option is just an example, in the world of Wei there are many different opportunities and ways to develop a farm.

To start the path of a farmer, the user, as well as a beginner, needs to purchase NFT game land using NFT trading platforms for this.

A farmer can start his journey by buying NFT plants, NFT animals, NFT production machines, and NFT buildings

But, we will now consider the way of processing, the raw material for which can be an animal, a plant, and simple seeds.

Let’s say we already have raw materials, an established production and processing cycle, as a result of which we get recycled game items

The question arises: what do we do next?

Let’s move on to the economy!

Do not forget to try to constantly add new production runs, expand the farm and increase processing volumes — these steps will allow you to increase your profits

At this point, the temple comes into play, where players can get $ACR by freezing NRG

We will consider in detail very mechanics of the work of the temple in future articles, but for now we will only focus on the fact that this is our way of obtaining the $ACR token by converting the in-game currency NRG

So, we used the temple, got $ACR, even set up permanent acres, what doors does this open for us besides the fact that the token is traded on crypto exchanges?

We need to move to the investor’s way for this in the world of Wei

Investor`s path

The investor operates with $ACR and NFT tokens to gain benefits in the market.

Yes-yes, it`s excectly for this we are obtaining benefits, while simultaneously forming the market economy of the WeiWey universe

What development options do we have?

Yes, there are a lot of them, let’s look at some examples

1. Breeding

For the development of animal breed, we need to get or buy an NFT ”pair” of animals (animals of the same type of opposite genders), build an appropriate building on our game land that opens up the possibility of breeding a certain type of animals, for example: chicken coop (for breeding chickens) and buy a potion for breeding animals

You can start the process!

We breed animals (to do this, you just need to log in to WeiWey’s personal account and confirm the action)

If necessary, we grow them up to adults (for this we need an NFT evolution potion)

Dive into the world of the market, trade :)

2. Mining $WEI

By staking $ACR we can get $WEI

3. Developing new lands

WeiWey does not limit players in the number of simultaneously used lands, you can always develop new lands by increasing your total income

4. There are many examples of further development that can be described, and we will definitely deal with this in new articles.

As a result, we get 3 connected and at the same time completely different mechanics of interaction with the WeiWey universe, each of which is exciting in its own way, and what is important — it brings not only a positive gaming experience, but also allows you to receive $ACR and $WEI tokens

  • Farm Development
  • Building production chains
  • Trading on the Crypto Market


NFT — a non-interchangeable token, a unit of account with which a digital impression is created for any unique item.
NRG — In-game currency WeiWey used to sell in-game items and buy seeds.
$ACR — a token of the game currency with a deflationary model and a limited reserve, which is issued as a reward for various economic actions in the game by converting NRG.
$WEI — currency token opening up new opportunities directly in the game, as well as in the management of WeiWey Game DAO.
DEX — decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
CEX — centralized cryptocurrency exchange.
Production cycle — the way of turning raw materials into a recycled game product, the value of which will be much higher than the original raw materials.
Raw material — basic products of production, for example: pumpkins, animal products, berries, fruits, etc.
Conversion product — valuable game items obtained by processing recycled materials in processing machines, for example: pumpkin juice, mayonnaise, jam, jam, etc.
Potion — NFT, must have ingredient for the cultivation and reproduction of animals.

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