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4 min readApr 10, 2022


Today we will discuss with you the topic “which is more profitable” or “there is a place for everyone”.

Let’s start with the basic mechanics to once again remember and explain all the wisdom of our idea.

Start of the budget game

You have two options to start playing. The most budgetary is the purchase or minting of land and the purchase of the in-game currency NRG. If the purchase of land is carried out for the currency of the blockchain on which the game is located then the purchase of NRG is carried out for the reward token itself. In our case, we use $ACR. During the purchase of NRG, all that $ACR spent on conversion will be burned.

Start of the advanced game

In addition to all the mechanics described above, we also add the purchase of NFT buildings (for breeding animals and increasing their limit on land), NFT machines (which processing products and increase the final cost of it), Animal NFTs (it can be both young and adults) in case of young ones you have to had building of the required type and a potion of growth which can be bought in the online store on the site for $ACR or $WEI in case of purchase for $ACR he will be completely burned, in case of bought for $WEI, half of the cost will be spent to buy $ACR and completely burned, and the other half will go to the development and development project fund.

Let’s say you bought land and animals, after that you can start the process of producing in-game products, but only if your type can produce products without the help of machines. For example: for a cow to give milk, you need a cow and a bull, for a chicken to lay an egg — you need a rooster, but a sheep can give wool just like that every certain period of time, and a pig can give fat and meat only if you have a “extractor of porky” machine.

Earning in the game

Now that we’ve dealt with the mechanics involved, we can start earning NRG coins to trade them for $ACR in the future.

As a budget gamer, we purchased land and a few NRG to buy seeds, now we can grow plants and sell them in the in-game shop for NRG.

As an advanced gamer, we purchased land, NRG, as well as animals, machines, trees or bushes. We will use our NRG to grow plants on area free from machines and buildings. In addition to this, we will focus on the following methods of work “obtaining certain products from animals in our possession”, planting additional plants in the form of bushes and trees that are also NFTs and bear fruit every game cycle, as well as “processing products in machines suitable for products produced by animals, plants or fruits from trees or bushes. We will sell all the products received in the in-game store for NRG”.

As an investor, we will focus on the following methods of earning that do not require a direct game process “breeding animals if you have the building of the right type”, “raising animals if you have the right type of building”. To complete these processes, you need to stake an animal building of the right type and have NFT potions in your wallet. Now, you have two adults of opposite sexes, you can breed them directly on the site using a breeding potion, this process may take some time. After its completion, you will receive a young individual of not always a certain gender, in order to find out the gender of the child, you need to raise it using a growth potion and also have the necessary building for this type of animal in staking. When the growth process is complete, you will receive an adult that you can freely sell or use in the game.

Turning in-game NRGs сoins into $ACR tokens

You must to stake your NRG coins in the temple to turn the in-game NRG coins into $ACR token. The temple has a daily reward pool of $ACR, which is distributed every tick based on your share of NRG in that pool. This is described in detail in the article about temples and whitepaper. After the staking period ends, you will be able to collect your $ACR reward and all staked NRG will be burned.

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