Contests. Seasons. Lands.

Let’s talk a little about why WeiWey has a very strong economic model.

WeiWey Play-to-Earn
2 min readMar 27, 2022

What will happen to the game after release?

The game will launch the first season, which will add leaderboards and other social activities on the theme of the season.

At the end of the season, snapshots of the various leaderboards will be taken. Players from leaderboard top will get special season rewards, $ACR, and more. Each season will earn players up to 5% of the $ACR from the Community distribution, for a total of 4% of the overall $ACR emission.

When will you start developing new seasons?

We will develop seasonal updates in parallel with the development of the main part of the game, since for the most part they contain content additions and only a few new mechanics.

Why should I compete?

Competitions within the season will give you additional rewards as mentioned above, as well as unique statuses in our Discord community. We have develop various types of leaderboards and will be able to surprise you with future events in the game.

What do the seasons give?

Seasons are part of new game content that will be added to the game once a quarter. New game content will be added, plants, bushes, trees, animals and more. It is worth considering that some elements of this content, such as animals, can only be used on suitable land, for example, camels will need to have a desert farm.

New seasons add new lands?

Yes. We will introduce players to the game gradually step by step in each content update. If it is decided to generate 10,000 common lands, then more than that many common lands will never appear. Players will need to wait for the next season to get their land to start playing & earning.

Will there be a WhiteList for the primary mint of new lands and animals?

Definitely will be, it’s one of the things that will keep the community active throughout every season. While your farm is earning now, you will already have to think about your future and promote yourself in Discord to gain access to the minting of lands, animals, trees, bushes and machines of the new season.

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